England 2-0 Lithuania


Southgate has already won my vote as the best England Manager for the past 5-10 years.
It’s taken us this long to find a manager who is willing to go against the grain. To select players on merit as opposed to players making the squad off the back of a name of the side they play for.

Bringing in Jermaine Defoe was a huge step in the right direction and to have potentially our youngest 11 out at one point in the game was a complete breath of fresh air. You can see that Southgate see’s the bigger picture now. The goal isn’t to turn up and win the World Cup 2018, he has a 3-5 year plan in place and I would expect to see this side challenging for the Euro’s 2020.

Fan’s would have been expecting us to have scored 5-6 goals but personally I’m happy that a lot of those players got 90 minutes experience under their belts and we’re starting to look like a side that we can be proud of. With qualification all but guaranteed and games against Malta and Lithuania again in the pipeline we have opportunities to try some new things and hopefully give a good show come the Euro’s next year.


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