Arsenel Fan TV – Gary Neville Interview


Have to say that this interview was a real eye opener for me.

I think everyone who watches ArsenalFanTV must be used to hearing Troops, DT etc. screaming and shouting at the screen and at time’s I don’t feel like there’s any real purpose to what’s being said.

One person I would pull up after every Interview is DT because I think that sometimes he’s unnecessary negative, loud and  unnecessarily heated.

I sat down to watch what I believed would be a bit of a cringe fest (To be fair 70% of it was) however it was held together by the fact that when DT is calm and expressing his opinion then the guy talks a lot of sense.

He’s Arsenal through and through and it seem’s like this extends further than his lifeline as it sounds like it is something that was inherited from his parents. His conversation with Gary regarding the Board, his frustrations and why he feels the need to raise Anti-Arsene banners during the games it really good TV and im glad that I invested the time into actually hearing him out. I’d suggest to anyone with time on their hands to at least listen to the first 15-20 minutes of this interview.

I dont think that the others really added to the interview at all. I’d rather have sat and watched a conversation between DT and Gary Neville for 50 minutes. I thought that perhaps i was being unfair but then this was the most liked comment beneath the video



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