Potential Banana Skin? Not a Chance…


So after a weekend where the mighty have fallen with Burnley and Leicester leaving the competition against lower opposition it seems the media are trying to lead us into believing the Sutton’s dream may continue after this evening’s game.

I however am not going to be fooled, the FA Cup story is a beautiful one and Sutton and all of their fans should be very proud of what they’ve achieved this season. Their success’ on the field has added further stability to their finances and has put they clubs name well and truly on the map.

HOWEVER… tonight the dream ends. I do not doubt for one second that they will be put to the sword but an Arsenal side with a very different look to the sides that we have fielded for a majority of the season so far.

Sutton being ahead of the time’s will be their downfall this evening. When they welcome an Arsenal side who’s reputation for being one of the best ball playing sides in England to their near perfect 3G pitch. A pitch where there are no holes or divot’s and there is no mud up to the knees of our squad who want to get the ball down and play. Two or Three season’s back this would have been the last place we would have wanted to go with a mixture of rain, poor conditions and a bobbly pitch adding to the heart and desire of a squad way back on the Footballing ladder would have been a recipe for disaster but tonight’s game has played into our hands and I think there is only one outcome here.

My selection for tonight’s game would be as per the below however i am sure Arsene will have a couple of surprises up his sleeve…



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