Bayern 5-1 Arsenal


The main shock for me is the reaction from the fans to this game.

So many Arsenal Fan’s losing their sh!t over the fact we got destroyed by a team who are far superior to ourselves at present.

I don’t want to continue to go over the same points but in this instance I feel I need to once again bring to light some key points.

  • Gibbs, Iwobi and Gabriel are Championship Level Footballers at present.
  • Ozil no longer has interest in being at the club.
  • We are no longer a top 4 team, we have to accept that our best hope is now Europa League Football.

The fact that we tend to play Bayern Munich literally once a season at the moment and the foundation to their destructiveness hasn’t really changed (Lahm – 33, Robben – 33, Lewendowski – 28, Ribery – 33 – I know he didn’t play last night) but we still don’t seem to know how to set up against them is embarrassing. But why should we expect anything to change? Our side is on the decline.

How Gibbs started after his performance at the weekend is beyond me? And up against Robben was a recipe for disaster from the start.

We were absolutely dominated from start to finish.


Passes – Bayern 784 – Arsenal 270

Shots – Bayern 24 – Arsenal 7

Touches – Bayern 970 – Arsenal 445


The real question now is what we do in the second leg? We are 5-1 down on aggregate and have a 4 day break before our following fixture which is a must win against Liverpool?
Send out the reserves? But if we lose 7-0 at home to Bayern then Wenger would be lucky to leave the stadium alive? Win 2-1 and pick up two injuries and lose 4-0 to Liverpool then again Arsene would be lucky to leave the stadium alive.


I hope and pray that we don’t lose to Sutton as I genuinely feel like the Emirates will be burnt down if we do.




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