Someone please call 9-1-1



So is 9-1-1 a legitimate and usable formation does anyone know? And I hope that the brake pads have been checked on the Bus we’re planning on parking this evening?

The bright side is that Barcelona were absolutely ran ragged last night by PSG last night so that will be the result everyone talks about for weeks to come.

Fair to say we are massively up against it, our Poor Winter form has shown it’s face once again and we’re going in to this game off the back of some unconvincing displays and with the form of our two superstars being questioned.

We have to go there tonight playing on the counter attack, the speed of our breaks will be everything and parking needs to be accurate for us to stand a chance of getting an away goal.

I presume we’ll set up something like the below.



Bellerin – Mustafi – Kosc – Monreal

Elneney – Coq

Walcott – Sanchez – Ozil


We’ll need big displays from Walcott and Ozil this evening. We can’t afford to be carrying anybody and we need to shut Lewandowski out of the game. 15 Goals in 20 appearances is a fantastic return and with Ribery out and Robben becoming an ageing threat I think if we manage to shut Lewandowski out then we could stand a chance of taking a good result back to the Emirates.

Vidal and Kimmich will probably look to disrupt Ozil wherever possible but hopefully it doesn’t lead to him getting his head down and disappearing from the game.
All in all it will be an interesting game and I can imagine most of the starting XI having a break until the 04th March after this one. So no reason to not give 150%.


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