Arsenal 2-0 Hull



So we’ve turned a corner?

Hardly, if anything we’re stuck on a roundabout.

We got very lucky against a Hull side who credit too them seem to be heading back in the right direction.

On another day we could have been 3-1 down after 30 minutes. Gibbs was absolutely dominated down that left hand side by Markovic who in my opinion was probably Man of the Match. Niasse is still finding his bearing’s which is understandable as it was only a month or so ago that I saw him turning out for the Everton Under 23 side. However he could have had a brace after missing a handful of clear cut chances.  That said I believe that we once again massively under performed and if we take that 11 into a game against Bayern then it could be incredibly embarrassing return to the Allianz Arena. Ozil was running around like Bambi, Sanchez was snatching at chances which are usually bread and butter for the Chilean and Walcott disappeared leaving Bellerin as our best attacking and defensive offering down the right hand side.

How Iwobi was gifted 82 minutes of game time baffled me. The introduction of Perez for 8 Minutes was questionable, especially considering it was Perez’s persistence that got us our second goal of the game? Why he and Welbeck were not introduced with 20-30 minutes of game time remaining is beyond me. Gibbs should have received a straight red for his audacious challenge and we were slightly fortunate with our Sanchez’s goal however we have been on the receiving end of those decisions on numerous occasions so please accept my unapologetic stance with regards to that decision.

So what do we do on Wednesday? I believe the Floodgates have been well and truly left open and up against a side that could potentially win the Champions League I am on incredibly nervous Arsenal Fan right now.

Where’s Adams and O’Leary  when you need them?


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