Yet another Knockout Blow..

Another weekend to forget. A short trip across London to play a team who will without doubt will walk away with a league title.

I think this season as a whole (not just for Arsenal) is based around having a Plan B. As a team we only have one game plan, possession based Football and wait for the opening. Once teams get 11 players behind the ball and don’t let us break them down we become frustrated and boring. We look confused on the ball and tend to clutch at straws.

Why will we fall out of the top 4 this season? Because Man City have made a major signing that have given them a new dimension and they look incredibly strong. Man United have multiple fallback plans, they can go long ball to Felleni or use the pace of Martial and Rashford. Then we have the noisey neighbours who look solid, very solid this season and I believe the only saving grace we could have is an injury to Kane.

Wenger out is an easy bailout option, however one that I will accept now as I believe new management in the summer gives us time to rebuild. What I won’t accept is Arsenal fans (Particularly on ArsenalFanTv – I am a big fan of this) who fall back on the “Why have we changed the team since the Southampton win?”

Southampton fielded their Youth Squad against our Reserves. Their Under 23 side which of course any Premier League side would have destroyed. We cannot accept that as the foundations of a Squad to face the Premier League favourites. Naivety is one thing but stupidity is a whole different ball game.


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